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whirligigs and frogs

A pond celebration!

Part of the whole Celebration:Earth! initiative is encouraging people to create their own celebrations (take a look at Kelston Roundhill for an exciting plan there!). This could be anything from a big event to a group taking time to think about what they value in their own activities

A couple of weeks ago, as Storm Ciara hit the UK, while around us roads flooded and trees fell, a Derbyshire Wildlife Trust WATCH group took time to talk toads, to create stories about frogs and other pond-animals and to think about why those animals mattered to them

Pooling (or possibly puddling) the results gave us this: (try reading it out loud)

Frogs, newts and toads,

I like them because they are nice,

I like them because they are animals.

Toads, frogs

And whirligig beetles;

Rings expanding and I, wondering;

The colours of damselflies,


What jumped in or

Who jumped out?

Rings expanding,

Watching caddis fly larvae

In their shells

Creeping along the mud,

Up the weed-stems,

Rings expanding,

Life continuing.

Frogs, newts and toads,

I like them because they are nice.

I like them because they are animals.

I like

Otters in the reeds,

Cute otters,

Rare teal,

Hovering leaves,

Cold lily pads.

I like

How the dragonflies fly,

I like

Watching kingfishers.

I like

Watching tadpoles.

I like how the sun reflects on the water.

Rings expanding,

Life continuing.

We find toads mating in spring,

Summer pond-dipping brings surprises,

Autumn hibernation,

Winter stones thrown onto ice,

While ducks are sliding.




Life continuing,

Rings expanding.

Who jumped in, or

What jumped out?

with many thanks to the poets and storytellers

of the Whistlestop WATCH group!


newt c/o Shaun Waters

waterlilies and Blackwater Pool, Gordon MacLellan

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