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walking a sacred landscape

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Last week, we posted a blog describing how two of our artist friends, Sangita Lakhanpal and Rachel Smart, were setting off on a pilgrimage to explore the connections between people and this ancient land we live on.

setting off

They set out to give themselves time to feel their way into landscapes of ancient churches, sacred hills and holy wells and also simply to talk to people. They carry with them an idea we are brewing to foster a network of events next year, inviting people wherever they are to find their own way of celebrating the earth around them. This network of Earth celebrations would start next week, quietly and personally on the Midwinter Solstice (21st December) and keep going through the year. At significant times, those events might connect through networks of lights, fanning across the country

Here is the first instalment of their adventures in their own words:

Sangita and Rachel have been on a beautiful, illuminating Pilgrimage beginning at Glastonbury- the ancient Isle of Avalon.

They started with an inspiring meeting with Michael Eavis of Glastonbury Festival, who shared his passion behind this grandest of Celebrations, and his enthusiasm for the lighting of Beacons across the land for Celebration Earth.

Earth Spirit Centre

The importance Myth plays in our relationship with nature was highlighted during their meeting with David Taylor of EarthSpirit Centre at Compton Dundon. He shared about the need to reclaim the ancient myths and stories of Britain, and the importance of Celebration for humanity to enjoy our relationship with the natural world. He took them to the magical Dundon Hill Hillfort, where Sangita and Rachel lit incense and sang at the Beacon for Celebration Earth.

Sam Dance, Sangita, Rachel, Dave Balian

Dave Balian and Sam Dance from the Glastonbury Blake Festival and shared with Sangita and Rachel stories of Glastonbury as an ancient pilgrimage site in the world and the important role Glastonbury Tor is playing in the changes humanity is facing.

Sam and Dave took Sangita and Rachel on a mythical journey past Glastonbury Abbey, the red and white Springs, and culminated with a fire ceremony at the top of the Tor to light the torch for Celebration Earth.

The pilgrimage moved further West from Glastonbury to Devon and a meeting with Mac Macartney of the special land at Embercombe. Mac shared his pledge to celebrate this precious Earth, our remembering this land as sacred and the encouragement to celebrate and appreciate life.

"Voices on a pilgrimage" - a film of all our interviews

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