• Gordon MacLellan

Walk, wander, wonder

Take a walk…..

This poem came from our “tell us your story” initiative (follow the link if you have an account, a prayer, a poem, a meditation you would like to share)

It was written in the spring and clearly belongs to that moment – the pubs are open again now – but the thought of simply taking a walk, the value of that personal experience of nature remains and we hope so much that it will continue to be appreciated for the wonder it offers

taking a walk: Richmond Park, Surrey

Birds are zealously chirping

Is there less pollution in the air?

While we are inside

Complaining, it's not fair

Walk near a brook

Surrounded by trees

A peacefulness on this trail

No reminder of disease

Pubs are closed

And I'm not missing

The crowded bars for a drink

Restlessness, boredom

Or a stillness, to hear oneself think

Divorced from the frenzy of having to rush around

The inner voice can reach

Without the drowning of distraction sound

What brings comfort now? What don't we want back?

What seemed so pivotal then?

But is not the thing we lack?

Out of the comfort zone

In the unknown laid bare

A resurgance of a higher consciousness

A call to be spiritually aware

Eleni Georgeou

I've always written, for as long as I can remember. Only in recent years did I begin sharing my poetry and I've just started as a performance poet too, performing at various venues around Nottingham, at Light night, for example. E Georgeou


Many thanks to Eleni for her poem, c. E Georgeou 2020

Images: c. G MacLellan

Ivy-leaved Toadflax: appreciate the tiny things

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