• Gordon MacLellan

Tell us your stories

New voices

Taking time to pause: to reflect upon the world we live as part of,

the world we are all working

in different ways to protect and cherish.

What would you share?

What would you celebrate?

An invitation to write, to speak, to sing, to pray, to share….

Looking at the world around us, especially in these weeks of withdrawal and isolation offers us a chance to reflect on the solace and inspiration that our immediate environment offers.

CelebrationEarth! invites people to pause, to reflect upon the world around them and to share their hopes, their dreams and their determined ambitions for their relationship with the Earth, as individuals, as groups and as bigger communities.

We have a set of questions. Starting points, perhaps, for conversation, for creativity, and invite you to respond both in terms of a changing relationship with world around us and of how we, as individuals and communities, emerge from this period of distancing and shutdown

Of this world around us – natural or manmade – and how we live within it

  • What would you share?

  • What would you celebrate?

  • What calls you to reflection?

  • What gives you hope?

  • What challenges you?

  • How do we dream of new possibilities?

  • How do we reach out for new ways of being part of this world?

Words, stories, poems, prayers, anecdotes, pictures, dance, music, song, performances...New Voices might be any of those. In this sewing of seeds, we are looking for words – other celebrations are welcome but we will also be promoting more visual performance later in the summer…

Talk to us! Please share with us what arises. We cannot promise to post everything we receive but will post what we can on our blog, will share blog and websites through our social media and maybe sift out material for physical publication at some point (but we’ll speak to you about that when the time comes!)

Deadline: First deadline 15th May and then every two weeks we’ll aim to post new material. We’ll keep this going through to 30th September

Email: arts@celebrationearth.org OR creepingtoad@btinternet.com

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