• Gordon MacLellan

Seeds, flowers and optimism

It is good to look and walk and pause and recognise that in these difficult times there is a very beautiful spring unfolding around us. Given the uncertainty of the next few months, CelebrationEarth! is going to hold onto the hope and optimism that lies within this season and behind our work. Our core principle is that we live in a world worth celebrating, that a world we celebrate is one we love and that what we love we will work to protect. Now, however, we are also recognising a need for renewal and reconnection within communities through this period of distance and afterwards as we come together again We hope that CelebrationEarth! as a whole can support that

With the current restrictions on movement and gatherings, we are going to use the CelebrationEarth! social media platforms to encourage personal reflection and celebration over these weeks of isolation and distancing.

· personal connections to nature: this will be a strong theme over the next few weeks, and we’ll be posting blogs, readings and activities to offer ways of pausing and reflecting on the world around us

· we’ll promote environmentally themed events that might offer you opportunities for your own connections to nature from Earth Hour to International Dawn Chorus Day and more

· for groups, and for individuals we’ll come back to our idea of commitments: offering activities to help you think again, to question your group, or challenge yourself to set goals for the future

· we’d love to hear from you, as well: new poems, new prayers, new thoughts arising from your activities: 2-minute films, writing to post, pictures to share – we cannot promise to post everything but let us know what you are up to!

Then as the summer grows and we hope that Coronavirus starts to pass, we are still planning to gather at the Cathedral in St Albans on 18 – 20th September as planned (see our main website for details). This might be more spontaneous than we had originally intended but we will invite our partner groups and the public to celebrate renewal, to launch that idea of commitments for change, to meet, and talk, to plan together, to celebrate

We have several fallback strategies if we need them and as the spring grows into summer, we will review plans, listen to official guidance and work out just what sort of celebration we can create

Please keep an eye on this blog. Join in the various activities that will be appearing here. Feed back your own ideas to us and be part of a celebration that is germinating now and will grow and flower over the next few months through to a rich harvest in September

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