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Remember to wonder

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

What would you share?

What would you celebrate?

What treasure would you show to a stranger?

Looking at the world around us, take a moment to wonder and offer yourself an answer to those questions….

Celebration:Earth! is a project based on hope.

Recognising the immediate and terrible environmental issues facing us, we know that these call for swift and immediate action. Equally, however, we need to also recognise that the solutions to these problems are often not swift and immediate. Every tree planted needs a long term vision. It will be 10, 20, 100 years before those trees reach their full strength.

The faiths we are working with in Celebration:Earth! remind us of longer timescales, bringing inherited teachings and cultures that span centuries in many cases. The geology and evolutionary biology that lies behind environmental sciences similarly reminds us to look at the long term and a slow, shifting world that unfolds in endlessly changing ecologies. “Long term” needs hope, however: needs the vision to look beyond the immediate moment and, like the planted acorn, anticipate a promise a century away. We might draw on faith* for inspiration and hope, on ecology for trust in a world that changes, in art for communication beyond words and we draw on people for hope, for inspiration, for action, for communication.

Celebration:Earth! sets to remind us of wonder – not by showing us wonderful things but inviting everyone to stop and look around – we don’t really need other people to tell us that we live in a generous, determined, beautiful world. Among all the grim moments there will also be small triumphs: the seeds we planted, the people we talked to, the dandelion that cracked the pavement to annoy the gardener and delight the bumblebees

CelebrationEarth! offers an invitation and a challenge

The invitation: take time to pause: to reflect upon the world we live as part of, the world we are all working in different ways to protect and cherish. Our invitation to you includes the opportunity to share your successes, to let people know what you are doing and to acknowledge that environmental change comes as much with the gathering force of a thousand small local actions as much as with a few big international ones

The challenge: to take time to pause, to reflect, to look ahead and declare your goals and to find new partners among environment, community creative and faith groups who could help with those next steps

CE! is gathering groups from across different communities: we are drawing together people who will share successes, support mistakes, find new ways of working, new friends to work with, new ways of being part of this earth.

Celebration:Earth! is looking for groups who would like to be part of all this. From Parish Councils to wildlife recorders, from walkers to foragers to history clubs, from Mosques to Temples to Forest Churches and Druid Groves: we welcome those who will try, who will share, who will talk and cooperate with strangers. Not just groups: if you are just yourself, planting window boxes of optimisim, come to st Albans. If you and your family enjoy your pond full of frogspawn, why not come along and look for some more frog-minded folk….

You can find more information on the main body of this website. You could follow our facebook page (CelebrationEarth) and follow us on twitter (CelebrationEarth, @celebrationerth). Email your interest: admin@celebrationearth.org

This blog will capture news as the project grows, post events, share other people’s projects, so please follow the blog as well!

(* we use “faith” in a broad sense of spirituality and at the same time, for the groups we are working with, accept that all of these principles might be exercised by people who profess no faith at all!)

Gordon MacLellan, from Creeping Toad: coordinating arts,

education and public engagement

for Celebration:Earth!

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