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Prince Philip

Prince Philip

"a truly remarkable man"

CelebrationEarth! joins with so many other people in acknowledging the passing of Prince Philip. While many people are aware of his role in setting up the Worldwide Fund for Nature (or the WorldWildlife Fund as it was then) and for quietly championing environmental conservation his role in encouraging communication and then cooperation between the faiths, the arts and conservation is less well known

In 1986, Prince Phillip was president of the World Wildlife Fund suggested that for the conservation movement to have any chance of success, it needed to find allies, who could help spread the message and engage people in the struggle to save the earth.

He took the unprecedented step of inviting representatives of five religions — Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism — to join with environmental movements in exploring what the various teachings had to say about caring for creation.

The meeting was held at Assisi, Italy, the birthplace of St Francis, the Catholic saint of ecology.

In his welcoming speech, Prince Philip, described the critical links between faith and conservation:

“We came to Assisi to find vision and hope: vision to discover a new and caring relationship with the rest of the living world, and hope that the destruction of nature can be stopped before all is wasted and gone."”

Quote from Don da Silva’s facebook page

Our partners at FaithInvest have described this role and the impact this remarkable man had on this work far better than we could so we invite you to visit their post:

A truly remarkable man: FaithInvest pays an affectionate tribute to Prince Philip

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