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Prayers and celebrations

A People, Plants and the Peaks Picnic

100 Celebrations, 1000 Prayers

When you look at the world around you,

  • What do you care about?

  • What would you share?

  • What would you celebrate?

  • What moments of stillness do you find?

At the heart of the CelebrationEarth! project is hope. The hope that we, as individuals, as small groups, or as bigger organisations can make a difference. The hope that we can help both the world around us and each other and that, quietly, people are already making a difference. This work is often less dramatic than the disaster movie reportage of much environmental reporting, but slowly, gently, people are changing the world.

CelebrationEarth! has been working towards a large gathering at St Albans Cathedral, (19th September 2020) but to celebrate the world around us, to acknowledge our connections to that world, does not belong to just one initiative or just one event. We can all celebrate the earth beneath our feet, the air that fills our lungs, the inspirations that move us. At CelebrationEarth!, we encourage everyone to find their own celebrations and to share your action, your story, your hope.

celebrating bluebell woods by making bluebell books

We have two new initiatives germinating now:

100 Celebrations (100C) invites groups (or individuals) to create their own events that will share a sense of excitement and wonder at the world around us

1000 Prayers (1000P) asks individuals to share either the path they use to step perhaps just for a moment into a space of peace and reflection with the natural world or to share some of the results of that contemplation

Both of these projects are rooted in you: as individuals and as groups, we will help share your activities and hope other people find new inspirations through your word – a new idea for a public event, for a community celebration or a service perhaps or a new opportunity for a still moment in nature

a "prayer" might be contained in the advice to stop and watch

To find out more, if you follow the links they will take you to the relevant sections of our website


If you are interested, find out more by following the links to 100C and 1000P

If you have any questions, contact us at admin@celebrationearth.org

We will post some more formal submission details but at the moment we'd rather send out a basic letter and then see how we need to refine things as material comes in

Data protection statement: personal information will not be sold or shared beyond the CelebrationEarth! project and our host FaithInvest.

Contacts details for events will only be posted with your permission

Covid-19: you remain responsible for the organisation, management and delivery of any of your events we include in the list. You are also responsible for Public Liability Insurance etc and for ensuring that your event or other activity conforms to current Covid-19 guidelines

could a prayer be an appreciation of acorn promise?


All images in this post are c. G MacLellan

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