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Plan, celebrate, share!


when you look at the world around you,

what would you share, what would you celebrate?

The original plan with our 100 Celebrations page was to feature individual events, giving people another space to share events that brought together aspects of environmental, creative and faith celebration. With the continuing disruption of Covid-19 restrictions, we are changing the plan a little. Now, we’re going to feature themes and their dates (eg Earth Day, National Wildflower Week, etc) that might inspire either group activity where possible or perhaps offer visitors to this site ideas for their own personal celebrations. CelebrationEarth! is – or has been – a predominantly UK-based project and the days and themes we’ll feature here will largely be UK ones. Wherever you are, some of these days and their themes will apply (Earth Day, again) and there may be your country or region’s own equivalents of environmental, faith or art-themed days.

And for yourself: if you have something to share: an event you are planning, a themed Day or Week that seems appropriate, let us know!

Contact: arts@celebrationearth.org

First posts:

Earth Day 22nd April 2021 : probably the biggest single Day promoting environmental awareness on the planet...stretching into 3 days of activity this year

Save the Frogs Day, 24th April 2021: and then support education and conservation action either domestically, locally or globally...

We'll aim to post exciting Days in the month before they happen with links to organising bodies and invite you to let us know what you might be doing in association with this Day or that Day - or simply because you think it is a good idea!

Photo credits:

G MacLellan: Bradwell Abbey Mystery Play, City Discovery Centre, Milton Keynes, 2020

Tree ferns, New Zealand

c/o Aidan Rhode: Tall Tree Puppet, Buxton 2020

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