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Bee kinder

connecting people with nature

As plans develop and CelebrationEarth's reach grows, drawing groups together from an increasingly wide range of people from across the worlds of faith, art and conservation, we met this lovely Peak District group, Bee kinder.

We invited Bee Kinder to talk about their work, their principles and hopefully through that the inspiration and sense of connection they foster in groups and individuals will offer a connection to other CelebrationEarth folk - you might want to talk to Bee Kinder yourselves or just take heart at their work and use their thoughts to feed your own determination

Bee kinder - connecting people with nature

Based in the heart of the Peak District National Park, Bee kinder is a small family run business connecting people with nature, because people need nature and nature needs people.

Never have we witnessed such a scale of realisation across the human population that we need to be within nature; surrounded by it, absorbed by it. But how many people still don’t fully appreciate that they are a part of nature; a part of that ever-evolving world that takes us with it wherever it chooses to flow?

Nature needs people to understand the part they play; that they are not only affected by nature but that they themselves affect nature. People are just one element, but a powerful element, influencing and being influenced by all other elements within the intricate web of the world.

Once upon a time we satisfied ourselves that, as long as we knew our events, activities and actions were connecting people with the natural world, then they themselves didn’t need to know they were connected. But as time goes on I sense an urgency within myself and others, that it is not enough to simply help people to connect with nature, they need to be conscious of their connection; appreciate that nature has given them that sense of awe and wonder, nature that filled their heart and warmed their souls, nature that provided their mental, spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing. Then, and only then, can they appreciate that nature is a part of their inner self, and be in a position to effectively and quite naturally develop a mutually beneficial relationship with it.

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”

Chief Seattle

Bee kinder is a new business, but I have been involved in the environmental sector for over 30 years, specialising in connecting people with nature and inspiring and enabling people to care for the environment. I have founded Bee kinder based on the principle that…

"No one will protect what they don't care about,

and no one will care about what they have never experienced."

Sir David Attenborough.

…and the science behind…

The State of Nature report

"...humans don't protect what they don't know and value."

The five pathways to nature connection

Senses, emotion, compassion, meaning & beauty.

The Noticing Nature report

"Noticing nature has the greatest influence over conservation action."

The five pathways to Wellbeing

"...contact with nature provides benefits for health and wellbeing."

Psychology of behaviour change

By understanding the reasons behind people's behaviour, we can help them to contribute to nature conservation.

One thing I care about as much as nature and the health of the environment, is the desire and ability of others to care too, simply because they are in awe of it. We offer consultancy, facilitation and training, events and activities and happily get our hands dirty with activity and project delivery.

Behaviour Change

Behaviour change techniques to help you inspire and enable people to respect, protect and enjoy places managed for people and wildlife.


For people who connect people with nature, because never has it been more important for us to help people connect with nature and look after the environment and to do that efficiently, cost-effectively and well!


Skilled, impartial facilitation of meetings, workshops, stakeholder consultations and youth groups, to ensure everyone has a chance to participate and have their voices heard.

Outdoor learning & play

Connecting people with nature & promoting wellbeing through environmentally based activity and programme design, delivery and training.

Wildlife Gardening

Creating nature spaces to help you care for nature in your garden, playground or local community space.


Spirit of Nature days and Walks with Additives that give you a chance to escape modern day life, relax and be creative within nature. Face to face and online training courses and workshops for people who connect people with nature. ​

Bee-autiful products

Bee-autiful products designed specially for Bee kinder and produced sustainably including our lovely greetings cards in our Bee kinder shop - beekinder.net/shop and funky tee-shirts and tote bags on our Teemill shop - bee-kinder.teemill.com .


Katherine Clarke, Bee kinder

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  • To Katherine and the Bee kinder team for their words and hard work


  • all photos c. Bee Kinder

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