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Nature is a language...

Continuing our Garden theme, this piece came as a result of our invitation to our readers to add to this blog (find our more, here). On this Midsummer Day, why not take a wander in a park, or just a walk in your garden (or, in my garden, sit on a stone because there’s nowhere else to go) and wonder at what language you can find there…

Nature Is A Language Can’t You Read?

Not yet, and maybe never but

I am content to learn

the letters, trace their shapes

and know that each page

will unveil a new joy and

that learning is the point

and understanding that I

might never understand

is the end.

Mark Johnson, Borderland Voices, April 2020

Thanks and credits

  • To Mark for his words

  • Nature Is A Language Can’t You Read? c Mark Johnson, 2020

  • Photo: Rose: c G MacLellan 2020

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