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Memories of Water

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Memories of Water

streams, rivers, seas or rain

what are the memories you treasure

After splashing down to the sea as fish and wobbling about in a coracle on the waves, our penultimate post in watery this series takes us into a gentler ripple.

Memories of Water is a flow of a project, growing and changing like the water of its theme depending upon what visitors give to the project.

water memories installation, Buxton Arts Trail

Every so often, an installation will emerge, most recently on a Buxton Arts Trail event (part of the Buxton Festival Fringe – but not this year) where written or drawn memories were suspended in water from St Anne’s Well* in the town.

The idea flows: you might invite people to collect their own memories of water: what are the moments that matter? Remembering paddling as a child, or swimming, or making paper boats and bark ships or just sitting on a river bank, or maybe it’s a book and Wind in the Willows shaped who you have become

Create your own Memories events (and, please! tell us about them!), or send your memories to Sarah through the facebook link or through us at arts@celebrationearth.org

recitations by St Anne's Well, Buxton

But now…in their own words

Memories of Water

Flowing, cascading, dripping and seeping….

Water holds traces of memory

Memories so ancient, coursing the earth

Traces of life…..

Dip your toes into the pool

What are your memories? Share words, thoughts, images, artwork and links. This is an ongoing, collaborative art project, all contributions keep memories alive and share the beauty of our most precious resource.

Memories of Water is an ongoing art project made from individual and collective memories. It can unite art, science and spirituality, combined responses to water in our life and culture. There is an active page on Facebook where you can find images, words, memories from individuals and groups around the world. The project can manifest in physical gatherings, celebrations and exhibitions.

Lightwood stream, Buxton

"Memories of Water was born out of my fascination with water as a flowing, changing but constant holder of memories as it provides the foundation for life on this earth. Water unites all species and often is a focus for our ritual celebrations and gatherings. Something we all share and hold precious."

Sarah Males, founder of Memories of Water

Memories of Water welcomes contributions from one and all. We welcome new posts, photos, recollections, anecdotes, poems, essays, artwork or interesting links. Find us at https://www.facebook.com/memoriesofwater/

We'd also recommend exploring water near you, visit a stream, lake or well. A visit to the sea is always special and can hold many memories and create new experiences. Take your time and reflect on water in your life. You can hold the memory for yourself, or you can share with others. If you would like to share with us, we be very happy to receive your contribution.


To Sarah for her words and the project!

Images: from the top

  • Sound of Gurness: c G MacLellan

  • Installation and reading: c S Males,

  • Lightwood stream: c G MacLellan

  • Tittesworth reservoir: c S Males

*St Anne: biographical note: in Christianity, St Anne is the Mother of Mary. During the Christian conversion of Britain, St Anne seems to take over the role of nurturing water goddesses. In Buxton, she became the custodian of the well of Arnemecta (or Arnemetia) after whom the Roman town was named: Aquae Arnemetiae: the waters of Arnemetia

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