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Make a Natural Choice

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As the season turns and a British midsummer rolls round towards harvest and the country starts to unfold again, we are all asking questions. Challenging ourselves, our communities and our government, asking what we can make of this moment of transition: transformation? Restoration? Stagnation? A thought came in on our ongoing “tell us your story” thread (follow the link, find out more, add your voice to the mix!)

Make A Natural Choice

We should flatten the curve on this capitalist pandemic.

Is there a vaccine around to soften the systemic

degradation and abuse of good human values, that wanted to grow but were left in the fallows?

Or is there no place...

on Earth for our race?

The transitional vaccine could quite take some time,

A waking awareness towards a sustainable dime,

replacing the dollar that nurtured demise; we need only look up and open our eyes.

Or will human nature

on Earth lose its stature?

So the question posed... can we all breathe in less of a much purer air or let the few seeking status with greed fuel despair?

The wrong choice of vaccine might speed our removal;

but there's no rubber stamp can gain Nature's approval.

Denis Rice

DIY Poets, Nottingham

thinking about the choices ahead for ourselves and the Planet


To Denis for his creativity and thoughts

Photos: all these: c. G MacLellan

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