• Gordon MacLellan

Lent: a time to pause and reflect

I had to stand firm.

I was a rod raised up,

I bore on high the mighty King,

the Lord of Heaven.

The Dream of the Rood (8th Century, in Old English)

Ruthwell Cross: the oldest source of the Dream of the Rood

Lent Course: a resource pack for a spring season

The CelebrationEarth! website holds a study pack that has been designed to help churches and church organisations reflect on our place within the whole of God’s Creation and to celebrate the hope that comes from engaging deeply with our faiths and with the rest of Nature.(You can download the pack from the website or here). It draws upon key documents from the Orthodox Church, from the Pope’s environmental encyclical Laudato Si, from World Council of Churches materials and from the personal experience of its writer who has worked with the major faiths and Christian traditions worldwide for over thirty years. Its heart is the Bible and Christian tradition down the centuries.

Download PDF • 157KB

The pack’s lessons range from

“Christ as King of All Creation” through lessons about arrogance, restoration and passion to that remarkable Anglo-Saxon poem the Dream of the Rood.

The pack concludes by drawing upon Pope Francis’ call for an ecological and community conversion within the Roman Catholic Church. In the most significant document the Catholic Church has ever produced on the environment, the Pope in the Encyclical Laudato Si published in 2015 calls for a radical response to the crises of our planet - human and natural. He asks us to “hear the cry of the Poor and the cry of Nature.”

Laudato Si:

Find a printed copy, download copy, listen: here


Laudato Si

“praise be with you”

On care for our common home

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