• Gordon MacLellan

Holy wells and candles

Through wind and rain and the strangest solstice in years it feels, our pilgrims (Rachel and Sangita) reached the end of their travels. Jupiter and Saturn align in the skies above us and the Solstice sunrise came with fog (or it did on a hilltop in Derbyshire) and the day held onto its rain and we walked slowly and damply through to a fog-set in the afternoon. But those candles of connection were lit, in Buxton, in London, in northern Scotland, in Worcester and Wolverhampton…and at the Living Well Centre in Cornwall. News from the centre:

Happy Solstice from the wilds of Lands End, Cornwall...the Holy Headland- the place of ancient pilgrimage and the mythic land of Lyonesse!

Rachel sat with the ancient holy well at The Living Well Centre to welcome the solstice sunrise, and sang to the waters in celebration of this precious gift of life.

Then on to the sacred hill of Trencrom, part of the St Michaels Way to connect with Ceremonies across the globe, to link with Uluru in Australia, sending love and appreciation to the Earth on this very special day.

We shared prayers around the fire and entered the Seed of Life circle Hamish and Ba Miller created with Indigenous Elders from America.

Hamish Miller co-wrote the wonderful book, The Sun and the Serpent and founded Parallel Community which is very much in alignment with Celebration Earth's aims...

En-Joy your Solstice wherever you are.... x

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To Rachel for her words and the photos

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