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Fine nights for fish

the open ocean waits

Finest nights for fish

The Pedwell Prayer and other thoughts

Our previous post, The Ninth Wave, celebrated World Oceans Day, today. I thought we might end the marine theme (for now) with a fisherman's prayer. With the state of marine fish populations today and the concern for the oceans in general, a contemporary prayer might take a different form and hope for other outcomes. What those could or should be is up to you. We offer the Pedwell Prayer as a tradition to look at and then some recent Words of Advice for Young Fish from a Creeping Toad project with the Ribble Rivers Trust a few years ago. As a complete contrast to the Prayer, these were words written and recited by a group of children from Stoneyholme Primary School as they released the trout hatchlings they had raised in class into the River Brun where it runs through Burnley

a contemporary coracle full of optimism, c H Kombousis

The Pedwell Prayer

At midnight on 14th February every year, from a coracle moored at Pedwell Beach in Northumberland, a fisherman from the local area repeate the old Pedwell Prayer (or in more recent times the local vicar standing on the beach recites the prayer). If this appeals to you as an idea why not take a look at the service for The Blessing of the Nets to be found here and think about how this inspire a service or prayer in your own community

Good Lord, lead us,

Good Lord, speed us,

From all perils protect us,

From the darkness us direct;

Finest nights to land our fish,

Sound and big to fill our wish.

God keep our nets from snag and break,

For every man a goodly take,

Lord grant us,


This version of the Prayer is from:

Stefan Buczacki, Fauna Britannica, Hamlyn, 2002


Shallow water is safest for little fish,

Stay close to the gravel

Swim fast to escape from danger,

Or stay still to disappear ,

And hide in a cave from danger.

Keep an eye out for fishermen!


They will put a worm on a hook,

And you will eat the worm,

And the fisherman will eat you!

Beware of eagles and hungry herons,

Stay away from big fish and seagulls,

Beware of other trout and avoid litter,

Beware of fearsome kingfishers,

And the dark, devil pike.

Beware of stamping feet,

And don’t die when out at sea,

Stay close to the gravel and quickly travel,

Stay out of trouble and don’t blow bubbles,

Don’t die!

Stay near by!

Fare well our little friends



Marwick Head: c. G MacLellan

Coracle: H Kombousis

The Sea: Springfield Primary School, Burnely - same Ribble Rivers Trust project

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