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Faith Initiative magazine

Faith Initiative magazine #42

CelebrationEarth! features in the current issue of Faith Initiative magazine

In an article beginning:

CelebrationEarth! is a project based on hope. Despite all the environmental crises, despite the anger and despair, we need to remember that there is still so much beauty in this world and that there are a lot of successes in environmental action. Across the country, across the planet, there are people working to change the way they and their communities live in the world. CelebrationEarth! reminds us that we live in a world worth celebrating and works on the principle that for environmental change to really take root and to become sustainable it needs to be anchored in love and hope rather than anger… We go on to invite readers to add their own contributions to the 100 Celebrations and 1000 Prayers initiatives. We encourage them to think, plan, create and celebrate for themselves

Online copies are free and printed subscriptions for printed copies are available at very reasonable rates (great for staff rooms and libraries!)

Visit their site here for more information, for downloads and for subscription

The contents page follows to whet those appetites!

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