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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

CelebrationEarth tends to concentrate on groups, people and projects based in UK. Like an albatross cruising across the Southern Ocean, to celebrate the world around us, of course, needs no boundaries.

People in all those places the albatross might cross

, people everywhere, are working hard and quietly to improve the world around them and to build on their relationships with the earth. We will feature some of those projects as the year moves on. We will start with the United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) Faith for Earth Initiative as an overall project that supports and encourages others….why not take a virtual trip away from home and through the links in this piece visit someone, somewhere, some place, some animal, some forest, some farm, some where …..

Faith for Earth Initiative*

Spiritual values for more than 80% of the people living on earth have been driving individual behaviors. In many countries, spiritual beliefs and religions are main drivers for cultural values, social inclusion, political engagement, and economic prosperity.

Since its resolution in 2008 on the “promotion of interreligious and intercultural dialogue, understanding and cooperation for peace” the UN General Assembly encouraged the promotion of dialogue among all cultures for promoting interreligious and intercultural dialogue, tolerance and understanding.


“To encourage, empower and engage with faith-based organizations as partners, at all levels, toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and fulfilling the 2030 Agenda.”


A world where everything is in balance.

The Faith for Earth Initiative

Following a series of initiatives and conventions organized in partnership with faith-based organizations, UN Environment launched the Faith for Earth Initiative in November 2017. The goal of Faith for Earth is to strategically engage with faith-based organizations and partner with them to collectively achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and fulfill the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.

Faith for Earth has three main goals:

· to inspire and empower faith organizations and their leaders to advocate for protecting the environment,

· to green faith-based organizations’ investments and assets to support the implementation of SDGs,

· to provide them with knowledge and networks to enable their leaders to effectively communicate with decision-makers and the public.

Take a look. Have a think? How can we help?

* Text comes from the UNEP F4E site

Photos: all c. G MacLellan

  • Malawi Baobab

  • Tree ferns and waterfall, New Zealand

  • Takahe, New Zealand

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