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A spring of health and peace

A Spring of Health and Peace

The last of our water posts for now is a poem that came from our invitation to readers (that invitation still stands if anyone wants to add to the mix!)

Eleni said this about herself:

I've always written, for as long as I can remember. Only in recent years did I begin sharing my poetry and I've just started as a performance poet too, performing at various venues around Nottingham, at Light night, for example.

A Wellness Spring of Health and Peace

Eleni Georgeou

A wellness spring of hope and peace

We all want this lockdown to cease

For covid-19 to destroy lives no more

How many deaths

We keep taking score

Divided we fall

United we stand

Alone or petrified

To reach out a hand

But let's not be paralysed by fear

Look up and search inwards

Let Jesus near

Touch us with his Mercy

Guide us with his Love

Bring comfort

Turn to our Father above

We can't keep disrespecting the planet as we do

Greedily taking from Mother Nature

Resources we ravage through

May blessed abundant oceans

Wash away our pain

Clear up our illusions

Anger, pointing blame

Reach the rivers for positivity to flow

Come through a brook as

To the Lord we sing

For rebirth, joy and harmony

Of Health a waterspring

Thanks and credits

Thanks to Eleni for “A Wellness Spring of Health and Peace” (c. E georgeou, 2020)

Images: loch, stream and pool: c. G MacLellan

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