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A Roundhill Celebration!

I am reposting a blog from the Kelston Roundhill team. They are planning their own Celebration:Earth! event just outside Bath. We thoroughly endorse their plans and hope this might inspire other people to plan their own events. You may not plan on the same scale as Kelston (why not try a bumblebee and butterfly flower planting afternoon for you and some friends?), it all counts as action! Our next post here will be some advice on planning a celebration....

Diary date: CelebrationEarth! southwest: Kelston Roundhill Sat 19 Sept 2020

National civil-society pre-COP26 celebration and call to action on the environment.

After meeting the national organisers of CelebrationEarth! we’ve offered to host CelebrationEarth! southwest – a gathering to celebrate life and nature at Kelston Roundhill. It will celebrate local environmental progress, and invite commitments of future action.

Please note the date: Sat 19 Sept 2020.

We then plan to send a delegation by coach early Sun 20 Sept to join the national CelebrationEarth! event at St Albans Cathedral. From there the idea is that commitents from around the UK form a national civil-society submission for the UN’s COP26 climate summit to be held in Glasgow in November. Whatever you may think of national governments’ ability to act on climate crisis, there is a great deal of progress already around the country and much more that can be done.

More information on the national web site here. One of the national CelebrationEarth! organisers Gordon MacLellan says (from his own blog)

Supported by WWF UK and drawing together groups from across society, CE! is building a new network of partnerships of information and support, encouraging environment, community, art and faith groups to all find ways of working together…over the next few months we are finding people, challenging groups and inviting anyone to join in, building to a gathering at St Albans Cathedral…to connect, to share successes, to remind ourselves that there are good things happening.

So: we have an idea for a national civil-society programme to tie into the COP26 summit. We have a call for regional events. We can offer an iconic and welcoming hillside well suited to memorable strategic gatherings.

Everything else is still to do or be decided: organising team; commitments from local organisations to take part; project planning and budget, food, music, logistics and celebration.

If you’re inspired by this idea, as we are, do get in touch.

If you are interested in helping or just finding out more, contact the Roundhill team:


And keep an eye on their website

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