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A candle for celebration

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

A season for connection

a web of Midwinter candles will mark a new year of celebration

light a candle on 21st December and join a national web of celebrations

a moment of fiery ceremony, The Durga Opera

A torch to ignite a new year for Celebration Earth is being lit as part of a pilgrimage from Glastonbury, the heart of the Isle of Albion, a place of legend and mystery. Sangita Lakhanpal from Myth 2 Modernity and Rachel Smart of the Living Well Centre in Sancreed, Cornwall, are setting out on a pilgrimage across some of our most historic landscapes to truly enter the land of Britain: the people, the history – ancient and future, the stories that make up this country, setting out to discover what our relationship with the special island is, or could be.

When the pilgrimage finishes on the Midwinter Solstice (21st December, the shortest day), Rachel and Sangita are inviting people across the country to light a candle and help create a network of people pledging to find their own ways of celebrating the world around us in 2021 (more details at foot of page)

Their intention is to be part of reclaiming our ancestry and love of this land. They want to find out what it means to be living on and awake to our place on this island. They want to be inspired to find new ways to celebrate our relationships with this sacred isle

On their pilgrimage (from 7th - 21st December), Sangita and Rachel will share the stories of their travels through social media, inviting us to join them on their journey of renewal and rediscovery. They are due to meet inspiring people on their journey, weaving those stories into their own, culminating with a winter solstice celebration to light a torch and remind us of our love for the lands where we all live.

That light will mark the start of a new year of celebratory events: inviting people all over the country to pause, reflect and create their own celebrations that will engage people with the communities, places, landscapes, the histories and the wildlife around them

Light a candle of celebration

We invite you to join us on the Solstice. Wherever you are, stop for a moment, for the length of a mince pie, or an old song, or just for as long as feels peaceful, to light your own candle, kindle your own flame, that will connect us, light by flickering light, into a web across the country, across the ancient hills of Albion, this land that welcomes everyone, offering a place to take root, to grow and become part of the land and its stories

Time: we are looking at three lighting times, while asking for most candles to light in the evening

Monday December 21st, 2020

  • 12 noon

  • Sunset: 15:53 ( or 3.50pm)

  • Evening: 7pm

There will be a light burning at the CelebrationEarth! office from sunrise (08:03) on 21st so whenever you “light up” and connect know that there is at least one light waiting to join yours, tucked away in a hollow in the hills of Derbyshire

What to do: if you are going to join us to light a Flame of Celebration, use the moment as an opportunity to declare your own love for the world around you. say it out loud, tell your family or the people you live with why this world matters to you and how you feel about it. Create a spontaneous prayer if that feels right. Then think about a resolution: somehow, somewhere, somewhen in the next year you will find a new way of marking the relationship between you, your friends, family and community and the world around you

a collection of tiny bottle lanterns

Throughout the year, our woven web of lights will kindle again, marking significant days, sharing our celebrations, on those days and throughout the year through social media and places like this CelebrationEarth! blog

Sangita's preparation included song...

Our pilgrims

Sangita celebrates nature through myth, song, dance and performance:

Rachel has created a sanctuary in Cornwall to re-member our relationship with Nature.

Find out more:

Sangita: http://shaktileela.com/

Rachel: https://www.thelivingwellcentre.co.uk/

waiting for the flame, St Magnus Cathedral


  • To Rachel and Sangita for their enthusiasm and the description of their pilgrimage


  • Durga opera: Tim Cragg, Off the Fence

  • All others: Gordon MacLellan

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