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The CelebrationEarth! films are live!

With heroic support from Off the Fence and after an initial documentary broadcast on EarthX TV, our collection of films exploring faith, nature, conservation and action are now available.

The full set of films can be easily accessed from the page on our website: Films page

If you want to drop in on a particular film then these links will take you direct to individual films

1. Why celebrate earth (Martin and Miranda): https://vimeo.com/462130052

2. Buddhism (Chantal& Martin): https://vimeo.com/462133079

3. Muslim faith (Husna and Miranda): https://vimeo.com/462142076

4. 8 Billion Voices (Martin & Tanya): https://vimeo.com/462138826

5. Faith LTP (Alison & Martin): https://vimeo.com/462137135

6. Arts and environment (Gordon & Miranda): https://vimeo.com/462144937

7. Durga opera (Sangita & Miranda): https://vimeo.com/462147655

8. Christianity (Martin & Miranda): https://vimeo.com/462126740

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Inspirational films at festival

a series of inspirational short films celebrating the contribution of faith groups, artists and conservationists to protecting the earth launch

today on EarthX TV


The CelebrationEarth! documentary screening has now taken place. We are waiting to hear about any repeat showings and will start posting films on local platforms as soon as we can. We will post links to films on the films page

24 September 2020: FaithInvest is delighted to announce a series of short films bringing together faith groups, artists and conservationists to launch a bold new vision for engaging people on environmental issues, as part of the programming line-up for the newly launched, global EarthX TV platform.

The nine CelebrationEarth! films are the result of a collaboration between FaithInvest, award-winning Off the Fence Productions and WWF-UK, and bring together faith groups, artists and environmentalists in a series of bite-sized stories and discussion pieces, ranging from 12 minutes to 33 minutes long.

Martin Palmer said: 'We're calling this CelebrationEarth! because if something is worth celebrating, it's worth saving. So much of the environmental message has focused on doom and gloom and guilt, which paralyses people rather than inspires them. We want to celebrate stories from around the world that give us the vision for our collective future."

The films offer inspirational, visually powerful examples of environmental action from around the world, from the Buddhist monks of Cambodia who 'ordain' trees to prevent them from being cut down, to the last remnants of Ethiopian forest which survive because they are protected by churches, and the giant tree puppets of Buxton, Derbyshire.

Woven alongside these inspirational stories are studio-based discussion pieces or interviews on the contribution of faiths, artists and conservationists to protecting nature. They feature Martin Palmer, CEO FaithInvest; Tanya Steele, CEO WWF-UK; Miranda Krestovnikoff, President RSPB; storyteller Gordon MacLellan; artist Sangita Lakhanpal; Dr Husna Ahmad, CEO Global One; Alison Prout, Director, International Network for Conservation and Religion; and Chantel Elkin, Chantal Elkin, Head of WWF's Beliefs & Values Programme.

The films were directed by Nicolas Brown of Off the Fence Productions, an award-winning producer of factual television and feature documentaries, and form part of the exciting programming line-up for EarthX TV, a new global television platform sharing a vision for a healthy and sustainable planet. More information: https://earthx.org/event/celebration-earth/



The nine films are:

  • Why Celebrate Earth? Martin Palmer, FaithInvest and Miranda Krestovnikoff, RSPB

  • Christian Faith and the Environment, Martin Palmer, FaithInvest and Miranda Krestovnikoff, RSPB

  • The Arts and the Environment, Storyteller Gordon MacLellan and Miranda Krestovnikoff, RSPB

  • Yoga and the Environment, Sangita Lakhanpal and Chantal Elkin, WWF 

  • Buddhism and the Environment, Chantal Elkin WWF and Martin Palmer, Faithinvest

  • Eight Billion Voices (World Wildlife Fund), Tanya Steele, CEO WWF and Martin Palmer, Faithinvest

  • Muslim Faith and the Environment, Dr. Husna Ahmad OBE and Miranda Krestovnikoff, RSPB

  • Faith Long Term Plans, Alison Prout INCR and Martin Palmer, FaithInvest

  • Laudato Si: Catholicism and the Environment, Father Augusto Zampini, Vatican, Tomas Insua, GCCM

More information about the films and follow up details of participants and projects can be found on our Films page

The films are the first step in a bigger initiative to build an online community, inspiring others to make their own films of their engagement with nature and motivating them to take action to protect the earth.

  • EarthX: is a global NGO that uses the power of film and emerging media to raise awareness of environmental and social global issues: https://earthx.org.

  • FaithInvest: is a UK-based international NGO founded to grow the scale and impact of faith-consistent investing. It grew out of the Alliance of Religions and Conservation: www.faithinvest.org

  • Off the Fence Productions: is an award-winning producer of factual television and feature documentaries: www.offthefence.com

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Manta Ray


12 September 2020

The CelebrationEarth! festival was to be held at St Albans Cathedral on September 19 but sadly had to be cancelled due to Covid restrictions. However, the aims of CelebrationEarth! continue - including the exciting CelebrationEarth! film, which showcases the work of many people on the environment. The film will launch on the global EarthX platform on September 22, as Martin Palmer told BBC Radio 4's Sunday Programme. Scroll forward to minute 18 to hear the interview.


"This movement is called CelebrationEarth! because if something is worth celebrating, it's worth saving. We want to celebrate stories from around the world that give us the vision for our collective future."

Martin Palmer, CE director

Green Leaves


 19 September 2020

Sadly we have been forced to cancel the planned CelebrationEarth! event at St Albans Cathedral, UK, on Saturday September 19 due to Covid regulations. 

CelebrationEarth! highlights the special contribution that religious groups, artists and local environmental organisations bring to the protection of nature. The St Albans event would have brought together prayers and music from Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam as well as secular poetry and drama.  

We are naturally disappointed at having to cancel the St Albans event. However, we are delighted to announce that the CelebrationEarth! film by award-winning filmmakers Off the Fence Productions will be released on 22 September as part of the exciting new programming line-up for EarthX TV. 

To read the full press release, click here.



 5th January 2020

CelebrationEarth! was launched by Martin Palmer on The Sunday Programme.

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Prince Philip

CelebrationEarth! joins with so many other people in acknowledging the passing of Prince Philip. While many people are aware of his role in setting up the Worldwide Fund for Nature (or the World Wildife Fund as it was originally) and for quietly championing environmental conservation his role in encouraging communication and then cooperation between the faiths, the arts and conservation is less well known


“In 1986, Prince Phillip was president of the World Wildlife Fund suggested that for the conservation movement to have any chance of success, it needed to find allies, who could help spread the message and engage people in the struggle to save the earth.

He took the unprecedented step of inviting representatives of five religions — Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism — to join with environmental movements in exploring what the various teachings had to say about caring for creation.

The meeting was held at Assisi, Italy, the birthplace of St Francis, the Catholic saint of ecology.

In his welcoming speech, Prince Philip, described the critical links between faith and conservation:

“We came to Assisi to find vision and hope: vision to discover a new and caring relationship with the rest of the living world, and hope that the destruction of nature can be stopped before all is wasted and gone."”


Quote from Don da Silva’s facebook page


Our partners at FaithInvest have described this role and the impact this remarkable man had on this work far better than we could so we invite you to visit their post