A Creation Liturgy

Adapted from The Advent Creation Liturgy first used at St George's Chapel, Windsor, in 1987

This is part of the Creation Liturgy that would have been used during CelebrationEarth! festival at St Albans Cathedral. Here is an extract; to download the entire liturgy, click the button below.

1. Listen now,

Be still and hear.

For Creation takes up its Maker’s call.

All Creation draws near to God,

Seeking refuge,

Seeking light and warmth to dispel

The winter of our destruction.

Hear the voices of the world speaking


Finding Hope for the Whole of Creation

Lent Course

This study pack has been designed to help churches and church organisations to reflect on our place within the whole of God’s Creation and to celebrate the hope that comes from engaging deeply with our faiths and with the rest of Nature. It draws upon key documents from the Orthodox Church., from the Pope’s environmental encyclical Laudato Si, from World Council of Churches materials and from the personal experience of its writer who has worked with the major faiths and Christian traditions worldwide for over thirty years. Its heart is the Bible and Christian tradition down the centuries.

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