We live in a world that is worth celebrating!

CelebrationEarth is creating a community of faith, art and environment groups where wonder is at the heart of action.

CelebrationEarth is a positive initiative bringing together individuals, charities and organisations passionate about the natural world to facilitate change. It provides opportunities to embrace and further protect all that we delight in, by sharing our existing successes, collective values, skills, knowledge, creativity, stories and plans for the future.


“Something that’s worth saving is worth celebrating.”

(Martin Palmer, director of CE speaking on BBC Radio 4 January 2020)

In a time of increasing environmental degradation, in a time when “environmental anxiety” is identified as a source of stress among young people, it feels ever more important to simply pause and remind ourselves that this world is still a place full of wonder.

This Earth shares its abundance generously, offering shelter and sustenance to all its inhabitants.

At CelebrationEarth we believe our response as Earth residents should be as generous: recognising our shared responsibilities to the other inhabitants of this beautiful world and to that world itself.

CelebrationEarth sets out to remind us that there are successes in this time of change and fear, that there are groups all over the country and all over the world changing their environment for the better. Without dismissing the urgency or peril of current environmental change, we can approach it with a determination that comes as much from delight in the world around us as from fear of what might be happening.


What is going on?

We are inviting groups from all walks of life - community, faith, business and environmental organisations are welcome - to join us to forge a new community of action, cooperation and hope.

CelebrationEarth! has arisen from the work of the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) and WWF over the last twenty five years. It is creating a collation of many environmental, educational, artistic and faith organisations who want to encourage and support new ways forward in the face of major environmental challenges.

CelebrationEarth! hopes that the commitment and spiritual values of different faith groups will find partners among environmental groups and secular organisations. Artists and performers are also getting involved to offer new ways of exploring issues and helping people express their feelings. CelebrationEarth! hopes that individuals, groups and corporations might all find their own ways of being involved and helping create a world of celebration and change.

These statements become the Commitments that will help shape their involvement with the network.


CelebrationEarth! - Joining in

CelebrationEarth! is an invitation to community groups, bigger organisations and individuals to work together, forming new networks and new partnerships to help bring about change on personal, local and national levels

Join the network, come to St Albans or maybe just declare your own Earth Celebration!

2020 looks like it will be an exceptional year of action for the environment. As we face the current environmental problems, it is easy to lose sight of the wonder and joy of living on this planet. It is good to remind ourselves of environmental successes, however small or local they seem and of the beauty that surrounds us. The CelebrationEarth! project believes that we work most strongly to protect the things we love and therefore celebrate and that if we approach environmental work with hope and joy we can work more creatively and optimistically than if we approach it with anger and despair.

CelebrationEarth! also recognises that “working for the environment” draws together groups from many walks of life, from familiar environment and conservation bodies to artists and theatre companies to local communities, schools and faith communities. Through this project we want to help introduce these groups to each other and build ways of working together. For everyone: organisations, charities, schools, faith groups, art networks and individuals, there are various ways to become part of this year of celebrating hope.

In the months before the CelebrationEarth! weekend (18 – 20 September 2020, St Albans Cathedral), groups or individuals might:

a) declare your own celebration: plan your own celebration of your work, your achievements, and the environmental causes that matter to you. Suggestions on how you might do this will be published here shortly.

b) share your successes with the wider CelebrationEarth! community – contact the team at admin@celebrationearth.org

c) Undertake to attend the Celebration in September and become part of the network that will grow out of the event, where each group is invited to tell us all three things:

i) what you are already doing that you are proud of to protect planet earth;
ii) what you will commit to do more of within one year
iii) what you would like to be doing in partnership with other organisations in five years’ time.

These statements become the Commitments that will help shape your involvement with the network

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CelebrationEarth! - the festival
Sep 19, 11:00 AM – Sep 20, 4:00 PM
St Albans Cathedral,
St Albans AL1 1BY, UK
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